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Summary Statement writing, an important part of CDR report. It is used for describing the knowledge and skills of an individual during the Migration Skills Assessment. CDR report writing is the best possible way for the engineers to migrate to Australia. It is used for demonstrating the skills, acquired by the engineers, to the professional body of engineers in Australia. Summary Statement has to be written in a tabular form in a particular format given in the Migration Skills Assessment booklet. Then, the elements and units in the Summary Statement are linked to the correct paragraphs in the Career Episodes. In the CEs, the skills are described in a comprehensive manner.

What is CDR Summary Statement?

A Summary Statement is a crucial document in the CDR report and it should refer to the units, elements and indicators in Career Episodes. The professional engineers can make the CDR report under four categories that are mentioned in the MSA booklet. They are Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate and Engineering Technologist. The CDR summary statement template is given for each of the categories and the applicants have to ensure that they cover all the units mentioned in the MSA booklet and then link them to the correct paragraphs in the CEs. Many engineers gets confused while writing the summary statement hence they help from We provide the most effective summary statement service to the engineers.

What is The Role of Professional Engineers Summary Statement?

Summary Statement comprises of the indicators and you have to write the skills in Competency Element column. For Professional Engineer category, there are three sections- Knowledge and Skills Base, Engineering Application Ability and Professional and Personal Attributes. Each section includes the skills, knowledge and personal capability of an applicant and they are linked to the correct paragraphs in the CEs. This helps EA to assess the individual based on the information given in the Summary Statement and CEs. Thus, CDR Summary Statement writing has a lot of significance in the CDR report, thereby helping candidates in successful Australian migration.

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