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CDR Report Writing

CDR to the Engineers Australia (EA) is done for checking the competency of an applicant, who has a acquired degree but is neither affiliated with any of the Australian universities nor compliant with any of Accord. CDR writing plays a major role in the Migration Skilled Australia. It includes multiple documents like Summary Statement, Career Episodes & Continuing Professional Development lists.

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Career Episode Writing

A Career Episode within CDR plays an important role for the engineers willing to migrate. It formally includes details about their knowledge & skills acquired during their work period within engineering companies. A career episode is a brief narrative written to showcase the competitive edge of an applicant. It fundamentally describes the technical competency required for evaluating candidature.

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Summary Statement Writing

A Summary Statement is a crucial document in the CDR report and it should refer to the units, elements and indicators in Career Episodes. It has to be written in a tabular form in a particular format given in the Migration Skills Assessment booklet. The applicants have to ensure that they cover all the units mentioned in the MSA booklet and then link them to the correct paragraphs in Career Episodes.

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CDR Report Review

Applicants who make their own CDR report, should follow all the guidelines given in the MSA booklet. The CDR report is submitted to the Engineers Australia, to ascertain that the applicants have the required skills in accordance with the Australian standards. Even after proofreading and editing the CDR report, there might be some mistakes and hence the EA might tell you to edit or worse they can also reject it.

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CDR Report Editing

A CDR report is evaluated on a lot of parameters. It takes good knowledge and experience to write a proper CDR. Some qualified engineers feel confident enough to prepare their own CDR report however majority of them are certainly not aware about the common spotted bugs. It may be noted that even a small error can straightaway scrap the candidate’s application. Only a seasoned expert can handle this situation.

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CDR Report Plagiarism Check

A CDR report is an important document for the professional engineers migrating to Australia. It contains the personal work experience and knowledge in respective engineering domains. It has to be distinctive and plagiarism free. The booklet provided by EA clearly states that any form of plagiarism is not tolerated and if the CDR report is found plagiarised, it will be rejected right away.

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