How to Write CDR Report for Engineers Australia?
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Want To Know How to Write A CDR Report for Engineers Australia?

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How to Write CDR Report for Engineers Australia?

The CDR or Competency Demonstration Report is a set of documents that are submitted to the institution of Engineers Australia by engineers who are willing to migrate to the country. The Engineers Australia (or EA) is an authority that assesses the CDR and determines if the candidate is eligible for skilled migration. It is very important for the candidates to prepare their CDR efficiently so that they have minimal chances of rejection. Therefore, a common question that arises here is how to write CDR for engineers Australia?

Understand the requirements for preparing a Competency Demonstration Report

The first step is to have a complete knowledge of what exactly a CDR is and what are the documents required to prepare the report. The candidates must make sure that they comply with the eligibility criteria as stated by the Engineers Australia in the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet. One should also keep in mind that if their CDR is not up-to-the-mark then their application to migrate to Australia can be suspended for some period of time. Here is a list of required documents that constitute a CDR. If you want to know how to write a CDR precisely make sure you understand the purpose and importance of each document as well.

  1. The CDR application form
  2. A copy of your Resume
  3. A confirmation of competency in the English language through test results of IELTS
  4. Educational certificates and transcripts
  5. Employment Documentary Evidence
  6. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  7. Career Episodes
  8. Summary Statement

From the above list, you might have noticed that all you need to present here is an evidence of your educational and employment information. The most crucial and difficult part of the CDR is how you prepare your career episodes and summary statement. A career episode describes the candidate’s experience in the engineering field and you have to prepare three career episodes. The summary statement provides a cross-reference to the three career episodes highlighting the candidate’s proficiency. Many candidates take help from a CRD report writing service in order to prepare these efficiently.

Some tips on how to make CDR for engineers Australia

  1. Always write accurate Australian English. Make sure there are no grammatical mistakes or any spelling errors. Language is an important factor in this document.
  2. Make sure you have worked in at least three projects so that you can write the three career episodes. This is the basic requirement of writing a CDR.
  3. Keep a check of the word counts. For example, a career episode is generally about 1000-2500 words long. So, collect your facts and information on each project accordingly.
  4. Be authentic. Include an evidence for all the information that you provide in the CDR.
  5. There is no need to provide the background of the company or the market position as the CDR report is all about your proficiency in the engineering field.
  6. Read the migration assessment booklet thoroughly to get an idea of how to write a CDR in the first place.
  7. Make a list of all the competency elements you are required to state in your CDR and make sure you have addressed all of them after you have prepared the report.
  8. Check templates and examples of career episodes and summary statements before you write your own. This will give you an insight into how to write them efficiently.
  9. Do not exaggerate anything. Your report should be genuine. Make sure you are not over-presenting your skills. State your facts in a clear manner and not in an over-confident way.
  10. Do not copy and paste anything from sample CDRs. Any content which is found plagiarized or copied from any other sources can be rejected by the Engineers Australia.

Lastly, if you are not familiar with the CDR writing requirements then without any hesitation seek assistance from an expert CDR report writing service. Seeking guidance from professionals multiplies the chances of your application getting accepted to a great extent as they already have good knowledge on how to make CDR for Engineers Australia and are aware of the writing guidelines and requirements.