Why Should You Hire an Expert to Review Your CDR Report?
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Why Should You Hire an Expert to Review Your CDR Report?

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If you are preparing to go to Australia to work as an Engineer, by now you must know what a CDR is and how important it is for getting into Australia as a professional Engineer.

With our experience, coming from working with thousands of Engineers wanting to start a career in Australia, we have seen that the majority of them make the same mistakes while preparing their CDR report. These mistakes are genuine, as they come from people who are not well versed in writing a technical report such as a CDR, and in most of these cases of CDR report review, all that is needed is a little touch up of ‘experience’ to make things perfect.

A CDR report is a complex document which has several parts and each of them has to be carved out with utmost care and perfection. This skill of writing, what needs to be written, in a crisp and to the point language and tone comes from years of experience, which luckily for most of the Engineers, is available in the form of professional CDR writing and reviewing services, promptly available on various websites online.

There are broadly two ways in which you can proceed while preparing your ‘CDR Report for Engineers Australia’, in the first case you hire a professional to write a CDR report for you from the scratch, in this case, your inputs will be minimum, but you will have to contribute on some key areas, and in the second case you write most parts of your CDR report yourself and get it reviewed later on by professionals who provide CDR review services.

Now coming to the point. A CDR report if not reviewed by a professional, agency or individual, is synonymous with a ‘Declined CDR report’ by ‘Engineers Australia’, in the majority of first-time cases. Why is that so? It is because most of the first time CDR writers, in this case, Engineers, who have no prior experience in preparation of a technical report like CDR, lose track of some key and critical points which are a ‘must include’ while writing a perfect CDR report. By ‘perfect’ we mean a CDR report that gets accepted in the first go by Engineers Australia.

There are no shortcuts to the preparation a perfect CDR report and to be honest, there is no other way than simply put ‘perfection’ to get a CDR report accepted in first go. If you research or talk to Engineers who are at present working as Engineers in Australia, you will find that, if not all, the majority of them got CDR review services or a complete CDR writing package, for preparation of their CDR reports.

You have to understand that either you will learn by your own failure or you can learn from the failure of others. The goal is simple and well cut out for you i.e ‘Work in Australia as an Engineer’, now to get there as soon as possible you need to work both hard and smart. And taking help from a professional to get your drawbacks highlighted before you present your CDR report to Engineers Australia is ‘smart work’, as the process of getting rejected and working again on things which you could have corrected in the first attempt is daunting, and ask yourself do you want to be the person who says, “Why didn’t I got my CDR reviewed, what was I thinking?”

As you are an Engineer who is planning to work abroad, a certain amount of sharpness and clarity is expected from you. Taking help of CDR review professionals, who have a writing and reviewing experience of thousands of hours and knowledge of what Engineers Australia expects in a CDR and how they are evolving the CDR format to keep talent fresh and up to the mark, is a smart move which clearly defines your zeal and your seriousness towards your CDR and thus towards your profession.

So go ahead and get your CDR report reviewed by our professional today. We assure you that you will not regret it.