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Australia is a land of great opportunities for all IT professionals as it provides not only well-paying jobs but also a great living environment. This is why many IT professionals seek to migrate to Australia and look for excellent openings in their field. In order to be considered applicable for the skilled visa, these technocrats have to clear the assessment of Australian Computer Society (ACS). Any IT professional who wishes to settle in Australia but does not possess the required degree or diploma, that holds the same relevance, as an Australian degree or diploma, has to prepare an RPL report.

An ICT qualification is mandatory for an IT professional to pursue a career in Australia. In case they lack the tertiary ICT (Information and Computer Technologies) qualifications, then Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) becomes a valuable medium for their assessment. A candidate is required to submit all their qualifications and work experience to the ACS. One cannot skip this step if they wish to obtain Australian Skills Migration visa. An ACS RPL Report Form becomes an integral part of this process if the applicant has no or insufficient ICT qualification.

The RPL report in general contains two vital segments; one is “Key Areas of Knowledge”, where one is required to talk of knowledge and skills that they gained. The other is “’Project Report form” where you attach projects that you worked that demonstrate the mentioned skills.

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ACS Assessment Criteria

There is a specific criterion based on which ACS evaluates everyone. They need to make sure that a candidate applying for a specific sector has all the necessary skill set. In order to establish this, they check for ICT major or minor as part of the applicant’s tertiary qualification.

  • Tertiary qualification is considered ICT Major only if there is a minimum of 50% ICT related content in the Diploma, advance diploma or even the Associate Degree. Subsequently, if your Bachelor degree is of 3 years then it must have 33% ICT content; if it is a 4 year course then the requirement of ICT content drops to 25% and only 20% for a 5 year Bachelor degree
  • In the case of ICT Major, your 2-year Masters or Graduate Diploma should have at least 50% ICT content and if the same Diploma was a 3-year course then only 33% ICT content is also acceptable.

All those who hold a different degree end up being categorized as non-ICT by ACS and have to write an RPL report. This form is created by ACS to give all the other non-ICT applicants a platform to showcase their talent.

Categories For RPL Assessment Application

Any applicant can apply for RPL ACS assessment in the below-mentioned categories.

  1. The first class or group is for a non-ICT applicant who is working as a professional in an organization as an ICT employee. They should have a minimum of 6 years of experience and the field in which they are working should be associated with their nominated discipline ANZSCO Code.
  2. The second group refers to those non-ICT candidates who hold eight years of experience in their ICT specific field. Here out of the eight years, only six years of experience have to be realted to ANZSCO code.

Requirements For RPL Project Report Form

The RPL report form contains a total of two project reports. One of the projects mentioned should be undertaken within the time frame of last three years, while the other one has to be in the last five years. The project that goes as part of the report need to carry some specific information which is:

  • The model of the design and related procedures that were part of the project.
  • Implementation of Internet application design and security measure for the project.
  • The managerial role that was given to you and all the responsibilities that came with it as part of the project.
  • A programming language that was brought into use during the project.
  • Application of techniques during quality assurance and project management.
  • Network size and topology along with secure facilities put into place for the project.
  • System design and all the methods of analysis that were brought into use by you.
  • Provide information on how you gave your inputs during the design and implementation processes of the project.
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