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A CDR report is evaluated on a lot of parameters by an EA expert. It takes good knowledge and experience to write a proper CDR. Some qualified engineers feel confident enough to prepare their own CDR report however majority of them are certainly not aware about the common spotted bugs. It may be noted that even a small error can straightaway scrap the candidate’s application.

Only a seasoned expert can handle this situation. They have the first hand experience of making reports further they are also aware about the technical intricacies involved. It is much advised to get a professional for the CDR report or at-least get it proofread and edited properly.

A flawless report can easily improve the overall success rate at EA. It is effectively advisable to proofread and edit the document before submission. The proofreading and editing isn’t only restricted to grammar and spell errors. It rather primarily focuses on content structure, demonstrated knowledge and factual errors (if any).

Tips for Editing CDR Report for Engineers Australia

The editing and proofreading services are two crucial aspects for CDR report writing. The professionals looking for Skilled Australian Migration are facing stringent norms due to the inflated number of applicants today. To improve the overall structure and rectify the CDR report mistakes you should take help from flawless CDR writers. Our talent pool of quality CDR Editors shall help you within every aspect of your requirement:

The mentioned points below should be strictly considered while editing and proofreading the CDR reports.

  • Ensure that the formatting styles, font size and line spacing are consistent throughout the CDR report.
  • If there are any incomplete ideas and lines in the report, rewrite them in a meaningful manner.
  • Check if you included all the details pertaining to the skills and knowledge base in the report.
  • The Career Episodes have to be written in paragraphs. So, make sure they are not written in bullet points.
  • You should also be careful that all the elements and indicators in Summary Statement are linked to the correct paragraphs in Career Episodes.

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