Reasons Why Engineers Australia Rejects CDR Reports
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Reasons Why Engineers Australia Rejects CDR Reports

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If you are writing your own CDR, you should ensure and follow all the guidelines given by the Engineers Australia. You should mention the right skills and knowledge attribute that you have acquired while working on the project. The most important thing to be kept in mind while preparing the CDR is not to copy any information from any external sources. If there is any discrepancy found in the CDR report, you can expect your CDR Engineers Australia report rejected by the assessors in EA. For a successful assessment of the CDR report, you should write three Career Episodes in separate paragraphs, Summary Statement and CDR lists in an intensive manner. Further, you should also link the elements in Summary Statement to the correct paragraphs in the Career Episodes.

Reasons for CDR Report Rejection

There are several professional engineers who prepare their own CDR report for Engineers Australia skilled migration. But some of the reports get rejected by Engineers Australia, not because the applicants lack technical skills or they are under qualified, but because they are not well- versed with the guidelines given in the MSA booklet. Some of the common mistakes committed are:

  • The technical information such as tables, diagrams, calculations, etc. are used excessively in the CDR report.
  • The Career Episodes are prepared in bulleted points rather than paragraphs, as stated in the MSA booklet.
  • The report of some other engineer is copied, leading to plagiarism and then rejection by the EA.
  • The project that was worked upon was divided into two parts and each part was included in different Career Episodes.
  • The required word within the Career Episodes is either less than 1000 or exceeded 2500.

How To Avoid CDR Rejection?

Some of the tips to avoid rejection are:

  • When you prepare CDR report by referring the CDR sample, make sure that the content is not copied from it. Mention the skills and different attributes in the report without any plagiarism.
  • Write about three different projects in the three Career Episodes rather than one project in two Career Episodes. This will help experts to easily assess the competency for Skilled Migration to Australia.
  • The Engineers Australia only accepts CDR report in english language. Avoid making grammatical errors.

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