IPENZ New Zealand Migration Skills Assessment
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IPENZ New Zealand Migration Skills Assessment

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IPENZ or the Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand is a professional non-profit organization working for the progression and development of engineers in the country. The organization comprises members from the engineering background or the ones who are interested in the field. It is also the assessing body for the engineers applying for New Zealand Immigration Assessment. Applicants having ICT or insufficient-ICT skills applying for a Skilled Migration Visa to the country need to demonstrate their abilities in the field through the professional experience they have had. Through this means they get the perfect opportunity to showcase their knowledge in the ICT segment, even when they do not hold a relevant educational qualification.

This IPENZ Knowledge Assessment or KA02 skill assessment as it is normally known, allows non-ICT candidates to elaborate on the key areas of knowledge which are relevant to the field of ICT. This gives the IPENZ assessors a fair view of their practical exposure and understanding of the domain.

At CDRReport, you will get the most experienced KA02 writers and ICT professionals who collaborate to bring out successful reports for you. Through years of working in the domain, they understand the inherent requirements of the IPENZ assessors; towards IPENZ assessment for immigration to the country. Moreover, a professional take on such important pieces of document is very essential to remove chances of ambiguities and errors.

Always remember that a successful KA02 is the key to a great future in the country. While a failed attempt will only waste more time. All applicants that apply are experienced working professionals who bring something or the other to the table. However, standing in the assessors’ shoes we understand that they have a tough task cut out for them. To be able to understand what you hold different from the crowd isn’t easy! And, they do just that.

  • While you may have a great experience that matches the ICT requirements, you might not be able to project yourself as a good leader
  • The assessors are not keen to view you just as a team player
  • Your report needs to focus on your unique abilities, competencies, and skills
  • They need to assess your comfort with the language and ability to professional reports and presentations as well
  • They are looking for an alignment in terms of what you know, have accomplished, will be able to accomplish
  • Moreover, the mapping needs to align your capabilities with local requirements in Australia or New Zealand

The KA02 submission is significant for all of you, who understand that they have the desired skills, but fall short of a specific degree. It could also be possible that a relevant degree that you have is just not equivalent to a required degree from New Zealand universities.

All of you can thereby take New Zealand Immigration Assessment by submitting the one/or other of the following reports

  1. In the first scenario, if you are a university graduate from a country that is already accredited to the Washington Accord, you need to submit KA01 report. This is for skills assessment. It is also valid for those of you, who have completed your graduation from a university is accredited to/follows the guidelines of a university from New Zealand.
  2. In the second scenario, if you have graduated from a university, which isn’t affiliated with Washington Accord or associated with any New Zealand university, you could then submit a KA02 report towards IPENZ assessment.

We will guide you, counsel you, assist in report writing, review, and assist with the complete procedure, per your requirements. Reach out to us with your queries and concerns at any time. We are available 24*7.