Important Points to Consider While Writing an RPL Report
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Important Points to Consider While Writing an RPL Report

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As the name suggests Recognition for Prior Learning {RPL) is a skill assessment done for candidates wishing to migrate to Australia. It involves the assessment of relevant prior learning. Candidates are required to have appropriate skills and knowledge which sets them apart from other aspirants. The Australian Computer Society aka ACS is responsible for assessing the candidates based on their skills. Hence, to secure a skilled migration to Australia this obstacle needs to be overcome. Aspirants who are not having the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) qualification need a very strong RPL Report to demonstrate their skills and abilities.

Fundamentals Required Writing an RPL Report

Before writing any report, certain set of guidelines need to be followed:

  • Choose the project wisely. You should have a thorough knowledge of the project undertaken.
  • Enumerate and describe the key decisions you made, and the reasons for making them as you did.
  • Provide the design tools you selected for use on this project and discuss the rationale for their selection.
  • Plagiarism-Free Reports: The originality of the report is very essential to get approval. Copying content damages not only the current but jeopardizes the future chances to secure employment. A unique report has the ability to impress the authorities.
  • Precisely illustrating what you have learnt, how you have learnt and displaying practical applications where you have used what you acquired. Writing misleading or false information just to make the report look desirable is a big turn off. Remember that the authorities have significant experience and tools to distinguish the fake from real ones.
  • Mention whatever programming languages you know, database management techniques, or ICT managerial activities.
  • Each Project Report should be no more than four or five pages in length. Quality above quantity should be the motto.

Deviating from the RPL guidelines is counter-productive for it displays nonchalance towards your career.

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