How to Write Career Episode for Engineers Australia?
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Want To Know How to Write A Career Episode for Engineers Australia?

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How to Write Career Episodes for Engineers Australia?

A Career Episode is a long essay, generally from 1000 to 2500 words in length, written as a part of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). The career episodes for Engineers Australia are a description of your experience in the engineering industry that you might have gained in your academic career or at work. The engineers willing to migrate to Australia are required to write three career episodes. Each career episode highlights how they are competent with the skilled worker requirements of Australian engineers. Here are some of the best tips on how to write the three career episodes.

Understanding the purpose of Career Episode

The Migration Skills Assessment booklet by Engineers Australia provides the complete guidelines on writing the career episodes. The career episode writing service experts suggest the applicants to read the booklet carefully and understand the different competencies stated in it. The booklet states that a career episode can be based on one of the following:

  1. A project that you have worked upon or is currently working on
  2. An engineering problem that you have solved
  3. An engineering task that was a part of your academic program
  4. A particular position that you occupy or have previously occupied in the engineering field

The booklet also states that the career episodes should display how you have applied your engineering knowledge and skills. In other words, it should state your role in any of the four tasks stated above. Many times people do not understand how to write a career narrative precisely because they are not aware of its purpose. Once you know what content you have to provide in the career episode writing them becomes an easier task.

Understanding the format of a Career Episode

The career episodes for Engineers Australia consist of the following sections:

  1. Introduction

    The introduction of each career episode is a short paragraph of around 100 words which provides the fundamental knowledge about the career episode. It should provide information about the following:

    • The name of the organization where you gained the experience
    • Your title or position during the career episode
    • The geographical location of the career episode
    • The duration of the career episode or any specific dates that you want to mention
  2. Background

    This section is around 200 – 500 words in length and provides the significant details of your career episode:

    • What was the objective of your project?
    • What was your work area?
    • What was the nature of your engineering project?
    • What were your duties in the project?
    • What was the hierarchy of your organization, depicting your position in it at the time of the career episode?
  3. Personal Engineering Activity

    As the name suggests, this section includes all the details of your role in the project. It is a 500 – 1000 words long content stating what did you do in the project and how you did it. You can include the following information in this section:

    • What problems did you solve?
    • How you applied your engineering knowledge in the project
    • What tasks did you perform in the project?
    • How did you coordinate with other team members?
    • What strategies did you develop in the project?
  4. Summary

    Each career episode is ended by providing a short 50 – 100 words long summary. The summary section generally includes the following things:

    • What was your viewpoint regarding the project?
    • How successful the project was?
    • How well you handled the tasks given to you?
  5. Always keep in mind that you write the career episodes in the first person. Also, there should be no plagiarism issues. You document should be completely authentic. Do not include any technological representations such as tables and graphs. Do keep a check on the word count of each section and always number the paragraphs. If you face any issues consult a career episode writing service as your career episodes must adhere to the stated guidelines.