Career Episode Report for Electrical Engineers
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Career Episode Report for Electrical Engineers

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Qualification Required To Apply

Electrical Engineers seeking a thriving career in Australia are required to go through a CDR Assessment by Engineers Australia (EA). This CDR Assessment is a competency evaluation conducted by the EA in order to assess the professional experience and exposure brought forth by the applicants. Effectively, the EA assesses the Electrical Engineers basis the set of competencies they bring to the table. In order to get selected, the candidates must clear the CDR Assessment under ANZSCO 233311 employment code. An applicant from this domain can apply for the following specializations:

  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Railway Signalling Engineer
  • Signalling and Communications Engineer

However, the preliminary educational and professional qualifications as mentioned in the Handbook of Engineers Australia Migration Skills, these are as follows:

  • Must have completed (10+2) years of schooling or an equivalent of so
  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (4 years)
  • Must meet the cut-off requirement of International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Must have scored at least a score of 6.0 in the four sections of the English Language Test
  • Must ensure that the test sheet is not 2 years older from the date of application submission
  • Besides these, the candidate must possess relevant practical experience in the given field

Tasks Included

The selected candidates are required to discharge the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Planning and producing electrical machines, appliances and other such pieces of equipment
  • Understanding and interpreting specifications and regulations related to existing electrical apparatus
  • Establishing the types and arrangements of transmission lines, circuit-breakers, electrical circuits transformers et al.
  • Production of items goods such as electrical motors, appliances etc.
  • Analysing and conducting research in the sphere of power generation and distribution, switchgear, generators and transformers, control system, electrical motors, transformers
  • Managing and supervising installation schedules for machines, control gear, transmission cables and other fittings
  • Mapping and working out control and signalling equipment for a road, rail and air traffic.
  • Be responsible for managing the maintenance power equipment in substations and power stations.
  • Oversee operations of managing resources used in the supply of electrical equipment, machines, appliances and components
  • Read and analyse drawings and design specifications
  • Suggesting changes to existing products and retesting them

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