Career Episode Report for Civil Engineers
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Career Episode Report for Civil Engineers

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Qualification Required To Apply

It’s a good time for civil engineers wishing to settle down in Australia. It is one of the top five ‘future-proof’ careers in Australia right now. In both rural and urban areas, civil engineers are said to be in great demand in ‘the land Down Under’. Under the code ANZSCO 233211, all prospective candidates are required to clear the CDR Assessment carried out by Engineers Australia (EA). This Assessment evaluates individual competencies and their past work experiences to determine their potential. Civil Engineers are expected to get employment as/in one of the following specialisations:

  • Airfield Engineer Officer (Air Force)
  • Hydraulics Engineer

The Handbook of Engineers Australia Migration Skills specifies the following as the required eligibility criteria to be met by the candidates:

  • (10+2) years of schooling or an equivalent
  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineer (4 years)
  • 6.0 in all the modules of the English Language Test
  • Must meet the minimum cut-off in IELTS
  • The test sheet must not be older than 2 years from the date of application submission
  • Minimum 5 years work experience

Tasks Included

Civil Engineering is listed under the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). A Civil engineer is expected to supervise, organize, develop and plan the creation and operation of wide-ranging projects like dams, buildings, airports, sewerage system, pipelines, bridges, gas and water supply schemes etc. Under these the engineer is expected to take on one or more than the following responsibilities:

  • Creating a design of the above in a manner so that they do not vibrate, twist, bend or worse collapse in undesirable ways
  • Examining engineering and architectural blueprints and instructions to estimate costs and formulating intricate cost plans
  • Deducing quality standards, construction methods, materials and drafting and studying drawings, plans, instructions and procedures
  • Examining current and coming travel flow patterns in consideration with rise in population and accompanying changes in needs
  • Proposing modifications to designs, examining resultant cost changes and estimating and valuing variations to designs
  • Analysing organizational systems for static as well as dynamic roads
  • Managing site labour and ensuring timely delivery of construction equipment and constructing detailed programs for synchronisation of on-site activities
  • Procuring soil samples to determine factors that affect their behaviour when a structure is imposed

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