Career Episode Report for Chemical Engineers
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Career Episode Report for Chemical Engineers

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Qualification Required To Apply

In the present age, Chemical engineers seem to be in great demand globally. The reason being a large number of industries depending on the synthesis of chemicals and materials. Chemical engineers enjoy a number of great opportunities in addition to conventional careers in the chemical, oil and energy industries. These are:

  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronic device fabrication, and
  • Environmental engineering

Processes involving the chemical or physical transformation of matter require unique training of the chemical engineer that comes in handy in his/her career.

The basic qualifications required are as follows:

  • Completed 12 years of schooling
  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification
  • He/she must have secured at least 6.0 in the English Language Test
  • He/she should also have scored at least as much or more than the cut-off requirement of International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • The aspirant should also possess relevant work experience in the field

Thorough knowledge of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics to solve problems related to the production or use of chemicals is essential. Chemical Engineers who aspire to migrate to Australia must clear the CDR Assessment under the code (ANZSCO) 233111.

Tasks Included

A chemical engineer is expected to dutifully discharge all/some of the following responsibilities:

  • Analysing pollution regulating issues and product utilization
  • Studying product failure stats and figures and applying laboratory tests to rectify or reject possible causes and suggesting ways to overcome problems
  • Designing chemical process systems and scheduling control system for processes that can be used to separate and eliminate components, affect chemical changes and regulate handling and storing of solids, liquids and gases
  • Identifying and rectifying malfunctions in chemical plants
  • Evaluating plans for new goods and presenting material selection recommendations in concomitance with design specifications
  • Consulting with the manufacturer of materials such as polymers, cement and ceramics during evaluation of materials fit for specific product applications
  • Ensuring correct use of equipment and materials and whether they conform to specifications
  • Supervising the operation and maintenance of equipment in order to achieve optimum efficiency under secure operating conditions
  • Designing and administering laboratory to create new materials and fabrication procedures for the new materials to fulfil performance standards and production costs

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