Are CDR Report Samples Worth Buying?
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Are CDR Report Samples Worth Buying?

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There are these questions when we ask ourselves that whether spending money on something makes sense or not, then we enter the analysis mode and we jot down its pros & cons, its advantages & disadvantages, some of us even prefer a SWOT analysis. But in the case when you find yourself asking this question about CDR sample reports and whether you should purchase one or not, we suggest you consider the following read to the end before making any decision.

How to start?

First of all you must be aware by now that CDR Reports which are evaluated by Engineers Australia carry a very high weight in your career and you do not want to go in semi-blind, trusting nothing but your luck and gut feel an unshakeable faith in your writing, because only hard work and a perfect CDR report based on strict parameters, as required by Engineers Australia, and only the crisp and smart content will get you over this hurdle. Believe this when we say that even the best and smartest of the Engineers get rejected by Engineers Australia simply because they have faulted on some points in their CDR report, small points which wouldn’t have taken even a few hours to put down correctly.

Approaching a CDR Report

CDR reports are easy and fun to create if you take up to the job enthusiastically and are ready to give in a good amount of time to it, over a period of few weeks. For this work, you need a starting point, which many Engineers, like beginners in any field, find in jumping straight to writing. This is a deadly mistake as this will result in a high ratio of content to mistakes and will waste your precious time correcting and re-reading and writing the same stuff. So how to begin?

A: Going through Engineers Australia website will be the first step, and once you are familiar with their requirements and broad legal and technical framework regarding the CDR reports, then only you should start downloading some free sample CDR reports, which are easily accessible over many websites. These free sample CDR reports will give you a general idea of how you should start preparing your CDR, step by step, with the utmost care and patience. The important point to remember here is that you should never copy even a single sentence from sample CDR reports downloaded from the web into your original CDR reports, many engineers have been directly declined the opportunity to work in Australia by Engineers Australia simply because the CDR reports they submitted were found to containing plagiarised content.

B: Once you go through some of the free samples CDR reports, you’ll find them to be inadequate, in a sense that they present only a limited dimension of what a perfect CDR should contain and how every aspect of your CDR report needs to be designed and presented to Engineers Australia. From here onwards you have to decide, whether you want to purchase a CDR sample report or you want to keep writing with your gut feel and blind faith in your skills.

A helping hand

It is important to note that we aren’t pushing you to purchase a CDR sample, but just making you aware of what we have learned after working with thousands of Engineers in last several years. Most of them spend hours, some even days and weeks writing the wrong content and then simply end up re-writing the whole thing because they weren’t aware of how the punctuations needed to be placed, how the sentences have to be written and in what tone they had to write certain paragraphs etc.

At this point, you have to ask yourself a question is spending a few bucks on a CDR sample report, which will undoubtedly help you write a better, smart, concise and to the point CDR report for Engineers Australia, is worth your money?

If you take our expert advice then ‘Yes! It is worth every penny.’