ACS Australia Migration Skill Assessment
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ACS Australia Migration Skill Assessment

ACS Skill Assessment is the means to assess professional engineers who wish to make a great career in Australia and are looking forward to an approved Visa for this purpose. Australian Computer Society acts as the assessing authority which evaluates applicants’ basis their ICT qualifications. In this context, applicants are required to submit a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) report to the ACS. By this means the ACS is effectively able to gauge their competence level.

Through their RPL these applicants who do not hold ICT or even tertiary ICT qualifications can still showcase related skills. They can do so by sharing relevant work experience in an ICT related role or a valid qualification on the lines. This RPL Assessment process acts as a boon to the applicants who are essentially non-ICT qualified but have practical work experience to back their skill set. ACS eventually finds the level of alignment, basis its requirements and can approve or disapprove the application for Skilled Migration Visa. Through RPL, every applicant can include as many relevant skills as is possible, to make their “Key Areas of Knowledge” section stand out.

To make their standing stronger amongst the many applicants who apply for the Skilled Migration Visa, applicants can reach out for professional assistance on this report. We offer the best RPL reports, which ensure sure shot success. The team of professional RPL writers and ICT professionals who work on your reports understand the process in and out. They are also conversant with all ACS guidelines on the report and turn around perfect reports within the desired timelines.

About RPL Assessment Process

As an applicant, you can apply for the Skilled Migration Visa under the following categories.

  1. Firstly, if you come along with a minimum of six years work experience in an ICT field. However, the degree that you hold is not specifically related to ICT or represents relevant content in their course curriculum. In this case, you can still apply because your employment experience for the past six years, seems to comply with certain disciplines under the ANZSCO code.
  2. In the second scenario, you can still apply under the category, even when you do not hold any tertiary ICT qualifications. You only need to bring along an additional two years of work experience. It might/might not be relevant to the concerned ANZSCO code.

ACS skill assessment document checklist

Applicants have to upload all their documents and provide correct information in the online application form of the ACS. The applicants must make sure that they are fulfilling all the requirements of the ACS. Any misleading information can lead to an unsuccessful outcome of their application. The applicants have to get the copies of their documents, get them certified, scan them and then upload them in a PDF format. Here is a list of ACS skill assessment documents requirements:

  1. The Birth Certificate or Passport which can depict the details of the applicant
  2. Degree or Award Certificate which contains details about the title of the award, the institution, date of completion.
  3. Degree or Award Transcript which contains the information about the subjects studied and marks obtained in them.
  4. Employment References
  5. ACS Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Form if submitting an RPL
  6. Curriculum Vitae or Resume

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RPL is an important report. The success and failure of the same can make or break your chances towards a successful Visa Application. This can eventually impact your chances for getting a permanent Australian residency as well. Thereby asking for professional assistance from the writers who write hundreds of RPL reports every year, could be the perfect strategy.

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